Thursday, June 28, 2012

OUT HERE NOW Short Film Competition - Free Screening Tonight!

Tonight is the OUT HERE NOW Short Film Competition at the KC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. This is the event I've curated for 2 years now, and is coming back for the 5th year at the festival. This is a free event featuring 5 short films under 15 minutes. The audience will vote for their favorite film and the winning director will receive a cash prize.

I'm really excited about these films. I had a lot of submissions this year, from local and international directors, and I was very impressed by the ones I selected. As I said in my article in the recent issue of CAMP Magazine:

As curator, I look for short films that tell a complete story, are visually interesting, and embody a poignant or important LGBT narrative. This year’s finalists are:
  • On the Seventh Day (A woman’s daily routine is radically switched up on Saturdays.) 
  • The Men’s Room (An encounter in a park bathroom goes in an unexpected direction.)
  • Coffee and Pie (Not your average lesbian break-up.) 
  • Fierce (A trans woman stands up to her father, despite his machismo and judgment.) 
  • Nothing Happened (Two best friends share a deeper moment. Will it change things between them?) 

Tonight at the Tivoli, 6 PM. Hope to see you there! It would really make my day to see a lot of people there, especially since I have to go to my uncle's memorial afterwards =\

Also, if you haven't yet, check out our short film project by clicking the purdy picture below, and help contribute to the creation of a local LGBT short film.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

May Deals with Death

I'm really sad because my paternal grandpa died Thursday from a heart attack, and then my dad's younger brother George committed suicide, apparently that same day. My dad and older brother #2 found him the next day, after his son mentioned that he hadn't contacted him about our grandpa and hadn't shown up to or called in to work.

I'm feeling really overwhelmed, especially since this happened at a time when I had so many commitments, though I have been taking a lot of time off from the Film Festival because of it. My grandpa's funeral was yesterday and the memorial/wake for my uncle is Thursday. Doing a lot of crying this week. Though I'm so grateful that I was able to introduce Henry to both of them before they died.

This picture was taken on New Year's Day 2012. It's the last one of all of us with both of them in it.

This is my grandpa & grandma with Henry:

This is my Uncle George with Henry:

I'm glad I've been picture crazy with Henry & relatives lately. These are so precious to me now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

OUT HERE NOW 2012 Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

The KC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival previews tonight with a special screening of Sordid Lives in conjunction with Castro Movie Nights and Missie B's. The doors open at 7 PM with Dirty Dorothy entertaining and some special snacks. Show starts at 7:30. All proceeds go to the Good Samaritan Project. Missie B's is hosting the after party.

Friday is the OFFICIAL opening night of the festival, and is our 'Celebration of Courage' with documentary films about the founder of the modern gay rights movement and the first country singer to come out. This evening is co-presented by the Kansas City Human Rights Commission and the Gay & Lesbian Archives of Mid-America.

Visit the festival website for the rest of the schedule and to view trailers. Or pick up this month's issue of CAMP Magazine for special articles about the festivals as well as the schedule.

In addition to sharing awesome films this year, we are also raising funds to create our own local LGBT short film! Watch our Kickstarter video below, and visit our page to find how you can be part of this exciting new project.

See you at the Tivoli (and also at Maker Faire)!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Create Your Own Reality at Maker Faire This Weekend!


Create Your Own Reality, the meet-up group I co-organize with Darcy Bloss, is going to be at Maker Faire at Union Station this weekend! I'm very excited to spread the word about what we do and to provide some fun activities as well. For those of you who don't know, Create Your Own Reality empowers individuals to explore the creative process by bringing people together in a supportive, encouraging and resourceful community environment. 

And Maker Faire is "a family-friendly event to MAKE, create, learn, invent, CRAFT, recycle, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology. Maker Faire: Kansas City celebrates things people create themselves — from James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos to Martha Stewart-quality “slow made” foods and homemade clothes." (Source)

Create Your Own Reality will be providing 3 different activities for anyone who stops by our booth. Come on by, say hello, and play for a minute. Find out more about the event at the official website.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comics I've Been Reading Lately

Images L->R are from: iZombie, Fairest, American Vampire,
Unwritten, Proof, Fables, Marvelous Oz, Leave It to Chance, Locke & Key

Thanks to Matt setting up the digital files on my tablet, I've been reading a bunch of comic book series during'/between feedings for Henry. Sometimes it's so I won't fall asleep, sometimes it's just cause its one of my favorite leisure activities. I really enjoy reading comics in that format, especially since I can carry so many of them around in such a small piece of equipment, and I can "turn the page" with a touch - very convenient for a person with their hands full of baby and bottle.

I've read up to the most current issues of - and/or all of (if it's no longer published):
  • Fables - This series is about exiled fairytale characters who live in New York, hidden from humans. They have strange, magical adventures and battle with "The Adversary" who will stop at nothing to take over every fairytale realm in existence. He's also why they ended up in New York.
  • Fairest - A spin-off of Fables, this carries on some of the storylines started in the original series.
  • Proof -This story follows the adventures of Proof, a Sasquatch who is also a secret government agent, taking care of supernatural-type problems and creatures.
  • Leave It To Chance - A steampunk(ish)/supernatural series about a teenage girl who wants to follow in her paranormal super star father's footsteps by helping people, solving mysteries and fighting bad guys. She thinks 14 is plenty old enough. It helps that she has a pet dragon...
  • American Vampire - I rarely get into vampire stories (Let the Right One In being one of the notable exceptions), but this series is very interesting. In it, all of the world's vampires are from countries other than America - except for one man and one woman who were turned. Being in a new place makes the vampire effect react differently, and so they have different powers and different weaknesses than the European vampires who keep trying to destroy them. Lots of this takes place in the Wild West, which is fun.
  • Locke & Key - This story revolves around a house called Keyhouse where a newly-widowed mother lives with her three children. There are many keys hidden throughout Keyhouse, each with a different magic. One turns you into a "ghost," one turns you into a giant, one lets you open up your head to put in or take out knowledge/memories, and more. It's a fascinating, inventive story.
  • Sweet Tooth -I wrote a whole post about this so click through to learn more.
  • The Unwritten - This is based on the idea of stories being powerful forces to change the world (via people's perceptions) and what would happen if this force was manipulated by a secret group, with one man specially molded his entire life by his father, a writer, able to stand against them.
  • iZombie - This is about a zombie girl who works as a gravedigger so she can get brains to eat and still pass as a human. Her best friend is a ghost who lives in the graveyard with her, and a Were-Terrier (like a Were-Wolf, but... not). She temporarily takes on the memories and feelings of the people whose brains she eats, often avenges them or finishes their unfinished business, fights vampires, falls in love with a monster hunter and has many other strange adventures.
  • Marvelous Land of Oz - This is a graphic novel adaptation of Frank Baum's Oz series of books, which I ADORED when I was a kid and have been meaning to re-read.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Is Meh

Don't feel like blogging today. I'm gonna go read Locke & Key instead.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Viewing the Venus Transit

I was excited to witness the second major cosmic event in my lifetime today. I saw Halley's Comet when I was 5 years old, and now I've seen the Venus Transit! My brother Harry and I went to UMKC's observatory where 6 different telescopes with different filters were set up for the public. We also got to use some very very dark sunglasses so we could look "directly" at the sun. It was amazing watching Venus move across the face of the sun. I'm so glad I was able to see it! It was also neat seeing all the other people interested in seeing the cosmic event. So exciting!