Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Pet Peeves

I subscribe to quite a few blogs. Not sure how that compares to most people, but I feel I have a good range of exposure and there are just some things bloggers do that drive me nuts. Today, I will whine about them.

  • No pictures, bullets or other emphasis ever - These bloggers tend to be confessional/personal experience bloggers who don't think that including pictures, breaking up and/or highlighting text might make their posts more interesting to their readers. Come on... you're killing me here. How many plain black and white posts do you think I can read in a row before I just stop trying? The answer - about 2, IF they don't turn me off in the first couple sentances (I know, harsh right?).

  • Posts composed of a single link - Lots of different bloggers do this and I can't understand why. A sentance with a link isn't enough to get me to click through, it's just enough to make me annoyed that you can't properly tell me why I should bother reading something you won't bother making interesting. Bah!

  • No links - Why mention that project your working on in detail if you won't let me look at it? Same goes for talking about groups/orgs or other blogs without linking. Just WHY?! This goes triple for people who tell you to read something, spend lots of time talking about it and then DON'T LINK so you can't find it.

  • What I did this weekend posts - Unless your weekend was truly spectacular, odds are no one cares. Make it interesting, or don't make it a blog.
So that's what bothers me. What about you? ...I mean, besides reading blog posts about blog posts like this P.O.S.

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kcmeesha said...

I read most of mine through the Google Reader. If you don't have a full feed, I'll skip it. People posting all kinds of copyright notices on worthless crap. Spelling errors.

Xavier Onassis said...

Whew! I was worried when I saw the topic but I think I'm OK.

My biggest peeves:

Bloggers who think they are "breaking news journalists".

Bloggers who post outrageous, inflammatory CRAP in a blatant effort to drive up their blog hits.

All Republican agenda-driving bloggers.

Bloggers who use Live Journal (except for you m_toast and anyone else I actually know and like). I hate Live Journal. It is the most visitor and commentor unfriendly and unintuitive platform I've ever seen. It tells everyone "Um, if you don't know your way around a hip tool like Live Journal, then just move along."

kcmeesha said...

actually people who use live journal like it for community features i.e friends,etc. but I agree, I don't like it either.
I forgot to add people who rehash links from local newspaper. wtf is that for?

"The D" said...

Meesha hit my one pet peeve. Some one needs to tell Midtown Miscreant about it.

FTWinsor said...

My pet peeve? Bloggers who post about how little they've posted recently.

(I committed this particular sin just this morning, which is why it's on my mind.)

Mark Smith said...

Meesha listed several, Im all ears D, but dont be to harsh, Im sensitive.

The DLC said...

I have issues with embedded videos. It simply takes too much time to plug in my headphones click play and sit through it w/o knowing what I'm gonna see. I will watch video if it is properly described and is something I'm intrigued by. But merely embedding a video with "check this out it's funny" means I won't watch it.

Joe Pontillo said...

Eek! I only recently started peppering my blogs with pictures, bullets and other emphasis. D'oh!

Anonymous said...

Just about any MMO blog irritates me. It's all the same content, with seizure-inducing designs, breathless posts about how much money they supposedly make per month, and all kinds of filler, pointless material.