Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chalk Force Five at the Raymore Summer Scene

The Raymore Summer Scene was a neat festival! I'm glad we were invited to chalk there. The music was great, the community-decorated Adirondack chairs were lovely, and, best of all, we got to work in the shade all day, which made the heat much more bearable!! As a bonus, I got to see an artist friend who lives in Raymore, Heather Gambrell. She and her family painted the beautiful, oversized Adirondack chair that says "Raymore," pictured below.

I'll show you more chair pictures later, but first I want to get up pictures of our chalk mural. We based our image on this Lisa Frank drawing, which we found on Pinterest. (Forgive the poor quality, it's the only size available).

 Image via Pinterest

We switched the type of chair pictured in order to keep with the festival theme, and otherwise altered the design to suit our whimsy, like each making a starfish.


And now, as promised, here's more pictures of the other chairs, as well as the chalkboards available for the kiddos to draw on.

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