Thursday, July 30, 2015

Exhibit Pics: Bits and Bobs

Hello again! I'm finally back to post pictures from the Bits and Bobs steampunk exhibit opening. (I swear, once I have internet at home again I'll be a better blogger.)

My mom, Henry and I left NKC at 7 a.m., but still managed to miss the storytime at the library. (It was a loooong drive!) But we saw a fencing demonstration that cracked Henry up, and the exhibit itself was absolutely astounding. We also met a member of the world's largest owl species!

 The only picture Henry held still for the entire time.

 Posing with one of Kat Kaufman's creations!

 Fencing demo

 You can see the shiny new goggle strap I sewed onto my goggles!

What the bottom half of my outfit looked like. I was an airship pirate!

 Henry didn't hold still for this picture....

 ..or this one.

Thanks to Kat Kaufman for organizing another wonderful steampunk exhibit!

If you missed the exhibit, you can see GREAT images of the entire thing on Facebook. You should really take a look, because I barely took pictures and there are lots of great pieces on display! Like my mixed media piece which I didn't manage to get a good photo of...and so many more!

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