Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ask the Oracle / The Skin that Binds Us / Maker Faire KC (Event Pics)

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting again!

Since the pastels I used on my arms for the last Oracle performance got all rubbed off, I painted my arms for my latest performance. It was fun, but people kept wanting to take away my oracle cards, so I think next time I will have making little personal take-aways a part of the experience. I don't quite feel like I've gotten it quite right yet, so I'll keep tweaking. Right now I'm still in brainstorm mode for how I want to do it next time, so I'm not sure when it will be ready.

Self-painting before the costume went on

At the gallery

 Betsy making final touches!

Betsy's artwork was amazing as always! 
I loved seeing her smaller pieces and the spooky skulls too!

This past weekend was Maker Faire Kansas City, and I helped at the Create Your Own Reality table with Darcy. We invited people to make Artist Trading Cards (to take with them or trade for ones others had left behind) and to add to our Creating Reality tree (by writing what they want to grow in their lives on a piece of fabric and tying it to the tree). I had a great time and was especially excited to meet and observe a woman making prophetic art for people as it's very similar to what I'm attempting to do with my "Ask the Oracle" performance!

 Fun with Jesus-themed packing tape!
 With Create Your Own Reality founder, Darcy, at the Creating Reality Tree
 Our messy craft table :)
Artist Trading Cards I made.

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