Monday, October 6, 2014

Kansas City Regional Equity Network's 3rd Annual Summit

On Saturday, I attended the 3rd annual summit of the Kansas City Regional Equity Network. The summit's focus was Social Equity & Transportation. I'd never heard of the Equity Network before, but seeing as I'm deeply interested in the topics they would be covering, I thought I'd go and see what happened. I'm so glad I dids!

The KC Regional Equity Network is a group of "change makers" pulling together to make our region a place where everyone can connect to the resources and opportunities they need to learn, grow and prosper. The Equity Network is concerned with the following issues: education, housing, environment, land use, development, healthy communities, transportation, and workforce development.

As I mentioned previously, this summit was focused on social equity and transportation. There was a keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion, and ending with break-out groups. Some of the issues raised included:

  • youth culture's preference for walkable communities
  • potential changes & upgrades to public transit
  • the need for a regional transit plan/system
  • the need for community voices in transit planning
  • potential policy changes esp. re: low-income housing and tax abatement
  • connections between jobs and transit opportunities
  • the need to re-invest in city areas that have been abandoned
  • the need for mixed-use communities and mixed-use housing
So many ideas were flying and people were so energized! I was really glad I attended.

I think the Equity Network really has a good thing going. I appreciate how their focus on equity covers so many problem areas in our region. I feel like this is an organization that I can get behind 100% and expect to see results!

I plan to attend their quarterly meeting in November and see how I can say involved from there. This is a group I DO NOT want to lose touch with!

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