Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't Miss the 2014 Kansas City Chalk & Walk Festival!

Tomorrow (9/6/14) and Sunday are the Kansas City Chalk & Walk Festival at Crown Center! You won't want to miss it! I'll be re-creating "Romance," a painting by Thomas Hart Benton (and I hear there will be 7 other Bentons this year), which you can see below.

Lotti, the festival organizer, emailed me this great info on the painting:

A simple, yet charming, painting of a young couple in love. Be aware that when Benton painted this in the early 1930’s, public displays of affection between African-Americans were often illegal because of Jim Crow Laws. It was considered disgusting and shocking. But two people holding hands while walking in the moonlight has always occurred, and Benton recognized this. The original painting was owned by the author James Michener, who later donated it to the University of Texas Art Museum. 
Hope to see you there!

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