Saturday, July 5, 2014

Henry Being Cute / Ender Books / 4th of July

Well, I kept putting off blogging last week and then forgot about it. So to make up for it, here's a cute video of Henry playing with a balloon:

Remember, if you want to know more about what Henry's up to, check out Little Henry's Big Adventures on FB.

I went to the library Tuesday (I hadn't been in quite a while) and I was stoked to found a new-to-me Orson Scott Card book in the Ender universe, called Shadows in Flight. After my initial excitement wore off, I realized it said "sequel to Shadow of the Giant" and though I've read several OSC books "shadow" in the title, I was pretty sure that wasn't one of them. So I looked up the books in the series and there have been 2 other books that I haven't read in the Ender universe! I went ahead and read Shadows in Flight, and loved it, of course, but now I'm going to re-read ALL THE ENDER BOOKS since missing 2 in the series is as good a reason as any to do so. :)

I hope everyone state-side had a safe 4th of July. I swear every year the explosions get more and more loud and obnoxious. Maybe I'm just getting old. Anyway, I'm too much of a contentious objector to get all YAY AMERICA, so the 4th doesn't excite me much, except that it's the same date Matt and I celebrate our anniversary of becoming a couple. 7 years this year! I'm so grateful for him and for the way our relationship has blossomed and grown.

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