Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Novel Accomplishment


You know, the one I started in 2010 for a NaNoWriMo challenge?

It took far longer than I expected,but I'm quite pleased with myself. Now I can begin the process of sending it out to publishers. w00t!

And because one of my friends asked, here's an excerpt:

Moments later, Sue hung her jacket on the seat next to Kris and sat down. Kris turned to introduce herself and was struck dumb. Sue was the mystery woman from Sureshot! Kris was overwhelmed by the chestnut curls streaming over her shoulders, and the delicate, exquisite beauty of her heart-shaped face. Kris had work hard to remember how to breathe. She inhaled deeply to ground herself and try again, but, as she had at their first meeting, Sue covered for Kris’s speechlessness with her cheerful exclamations.
“Hi, I’m Sue. How are you? I guess you know my sister?” Sue smiled expectantly and tilted her head, waiting for Kris’s response. 
“Um, yeah, I’m Kris. And, sort of. We’re in the same Spanish class.”
“But we only met today, sis,” Stella jumped in. “Would you believe she just came bumping into me while we were waiting for a table?”
“Too funny,” Sue smiled at Kris again before turning her attention to the rest of the group, whom Stella introduced once again. Then, Sue, Callie and Stella began chatting animatedly while the guys listened with half-hearted interest and Kris sat, stunned.
She could not have told anyone, had they asked, why Sue shocked and thrilled her heart so. It was as if she recognized her from another life or from a dream. Kris was sure that if she did not get to know this woman better she would be missing out on something incredible, and that feeling led her to another: fear that she might clumsily ruin any chances of friendship since she’d never had much practice. The stigma of being a loner was one she feared she wouldn’t be able to brush off, despite her new start in a new city. 
 (c) R. May Evans, 2014 

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Margo Mateas said...

Great read May!! Love it! Good luck with this. And yes, writing takes WAY longer than we ever think it will!!! So happy for you! :)

Jesse Richardson said...

Why did you choose this portion as an excerpt? Just curious?

May said...

Thanks, Margo :)

Jesse - I chose it b ecause it's a turning point for both the main character and the story.