Sunday, April 6, 2014

MU Music at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center

Look at me! Blogging more than once in a week! WHAT?!?! Can you believe it? :)

Last night I got to see my first performance in the lovely Kauffman Performing Arts Center with my brother and friends. We went to go see the MU singers and wind ensemble perform pieces from the concerts they'll be giving over in Europe after this semester ends.

Their was a reception held in the lobby and with the ship-like architecture, bright sun, and the calipso-type music playing live, it felt like we'd walked onto the deck of a cruise ship! Although there were lots of tuxedos and dresses instead of board shorts and bikinis.

The concert began with the University Singers, who performed a capella, although I didn't consciously realize that until about 5 songs in, because their sound so filled the theater with captivating beautiful that it literally boggled my mind. They performed 8 selections, including "Ave Maria" and a song that sounded quite like a sea shanty. I was impressed with both the beauty of the singing as well as their technical precision.

There was a short intermission as the stage was set up for the University Wind Ensemble, which, by the way, also had brass and percussion instruments so I found the title a bit misleading... Anyway, they performed three longish arrangements and then ended with the MU fight song. The longest arrangement featured a guest trombone player as a soloist/lead, and I wasn't really feeling that. (I'm not a fan of trombones, although I like pretty much every other classical instrument.)

It was very interesting watching one of the players in the front switch between using the flute and the piccolo. There was even a harp player, although she didn't get many notes. I couldn't help thinking what a pain it would be to travel overseas with that thing!

The ensemble was just as technically accurate and impressive as the singers had been. MU is doing some good stuff!

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