Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Grim Reality Behind Sid the Science Kid

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Henry likes to watch PBS Kids shows in the morning, including Sid the Science Kid, which drives me nuts! But since I have to watch it, I started to notice that the things that bothered me (besides some of the characters' personality and voices) all pointed towards a dark post-apocalyptic backdrop to the otherwise innocuous children's story.

For those of you who don't know (lucky you!), Sid the Science Kid is about Sid and his 3 school friends making scientific discoveries together. Each episode is based around a question Sid asks his parents before school. The kids then discuss his question on the playground before school starts, and pose it to their teacher once they're inside. The rest of class time is spent answering the question and "making discoveries." Then Sid's grandma picks him up from school and drives him home. Before he goes to bed, Sid makes up an invention related to the day's discoveries, and that's the end of the show.

Seems pretty innocent, huh? Until you look closer, that is.

 Image property of the Jim Henson Company

These are the things that bothered me about the show until I came up with my brilliant "fan theory." In no particular order:
  1. There are no books anywhere in Sid's house or school.
  2. There are no other people living in town besides Sid's family (including his little brother and grandma), his friends and their families, and the teacher, Susie. Sid and his friends are the only 4 children in the school (2 boys and 2 girls).
  3. The only subject studied in school is science, and the only career paths promoted are science-related.
  4. The kids are always waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too excited about doing their scientific discoveries outside in their "super fab lab."
  5. Sid's parents "work" but only seem to do so from home.
  6. Sid's family never goes anywhere in town except to school or to get supplies from "the store." (The second one is only mentioned, never shown, and might not actually exist.)

One day I was thinking about all the things that seemed wrong about the show and I suddenly realized: if you set the story in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited only by scientists and their families, then everything in the show makes perfect sense!

  1. There aren't any books because they were all burnt as fuel during the apocalyptic phase of things. The scientists and their families hid in vaults (Fallout style) while everything went down. I like to think that a disease, affecting only humans, swept the globe, causing world-wide societal breakdown. The scientists found a cure, but most people were dead at that point. They cured themselves and their families, built robots to rebuild parts of the world they wanted, and re-emerged to take charge of a much less populated world.
  2. The "town" Sid lives in is actually one of several breeding colonies established throughout the world. The families were specifically put together because there are 2 boys and 2 girls of the same age. When they grow up, they'll be expected to marry one another and advance the state of the human race by making babies.
  3. Because scientists are the only people who survived, they are in charge of everything, which makes science the most important topic of all. And since most humans are dead, studying the natural world on Earth and other planets is one of the only occupations left anyway.
  4. Being outside is still a big deal because the kids spent the first years of their lives in the vaults underground for safety.
  5. Sid's parents work with other scientists long-distance via e-mails, etc, which is why they always jump to answer any prompt their computers give them.
  6. There's no where to go in town, because it's mostly a ghost town built up by the robots to give the children an illusion of having a "normal childhood." Which is also why they go to "school" every day.

Makes perfect sense, right?


Yes, I do spend too much time thinking about children's programming these days. :)

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kaseykasket said...

Is that why they look like they have Down Syndrome as well?

Chuck Dean said...

I only agree with the first comment. That they all do, look like they have DS.
I HATE this damn annoying and severely obnoxious cartoon.

Chuck Dean said...

I only agree with the first comment. That they all do, look like they have DS.
I HATE this damn annoying and severely obnoxious cartoon.

joe kominek said...

You are why people shouldnt be able to have blogs. This was the dumbest thing i have ever read. Get a life

xFabled Aimbotz said...

You really need to get out more..

Chaz Riley said...

Fucking awesome blog entry

Unknown said...

It does all make sense. I don't know if that was the purpose of the creators or not. But still works. The biggest thing I've noticed is that all the kids seem to be slow in one way or another. Whether it's DS or Autism, or a different disability, they all seem to have SOMETHING...... And just one more thing, Why does he ALWAYS have a microphone??? It's annoying!

Unknown said...

Im watching this horrible show with my kid and i look up, hes in his room, surrounded by books...sorry.

Keyosha Holmes said...

I got so tired at one point of watching this show, but then I somehow started liking it. There's one episode I like called "Let There Be Light". I really don't know why it's called that but um yeah I always wondered why there was nobody else in the town really kind of creepy. And by the way, Sid's grandma's voice is sure as hell annoying when she laughs. Very disturbing I'd say.

Briana Nelson said...

Sids Dad is a drug dealer and feeds the baby drugs to keep him quiet and it seems that the teacher is raping the pink boy

Alexandra said...

This makes no sense. I googled sid today because I wondered if sid and his friends went to a special school for the gifted or something. Came upon this.
Obviously this is an old post, but whatever.
But you forget to mention gabriela's big brother and side's baby brother. And sid's grandma's sister.

Mariah Surace said...

One day when I was watching this show (don't ask me why) the TV was glitching out and it was pure nightmare fuel! :D

Samantha Victoria said...

There are books in the show. My kid is currently watching it and it literally just showed a shelf with books on it.. Idk theory doesn't seem so believable.

Life....Uninterupted said...

I think it's absolutely hilarious

Unknown said...

I'm stuck watching the show right now as I was reading this, but there are books in sids bedroom at the end of the show