Friday, October 25, 2013

New Pengin Exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo (Photos)

Today, Henry went with our friends Nicole and William to see the newly-opened penguin exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo. We spent nearly our entire visit in the penguin exhibit, though we visited a few others, like the sea lions, on our way. It was a long wait in line for the penguins (Henry got antsy in his stroller and had to get out to play mid-way through), but it there were volunteers along the way dispensing interesting penguin info.

The wait was totally worth it. It's so nice seeing penguins in the zoo again! They're some of my favorite animals, and the exhibit was full of brightly-displayed information and photographs, as well as the adorable little fellows themselves. Henry had a blast running around looking at everything.

What's your favorite kind of penguin? I think the Humboldt ones are the cutest!

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