Friday, October 11, 2013

May and Henry Have Fun with Glasses!

My fantastic friend Nicole got me a badass birthday present in the form of a voucher for Shawnee Optix. Through some Amazon Local deal, she'd got a great deal. And since she got herself one as well, she and I and our sons went shopping for glasses together!Henry and William (who's about half Henry's age) had fun watching the store cats and Henry played with the drawers and then asked to try some specs on himself.

Nicole and I picked our frames and, as we left, I asked Henry if he wanted to wear glasses. He nodded his head yes, which I found utterly adorable. And since he may well end up wearing glasses someday, it's nice that he thinks they're cool.

So today, we went back and picked them up! Once again, Henry was all about the drawers, but he wanted me to try on the glasses this time. But he didn't get to play long, because we were in and out again in a jiffy.

He said he likes my new glasses, but since he kept wanting me to try on wire frames, I'm not sure if I believe him. :)

I like these new frames a lot. Thanks, Nicole!! You're such a sweetie!

Also, it's super cute how well Henry and William get along. (I watch William once a week so they see each other regularly). Henry waved at him, all up in his face, and William grabbed his hand and smiled. They are so cute! Eek :)

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