Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Plaza Art Fair (Event Pics)

Locals, it's your last day to make it to this year's Plaza Art Fair. Henry and I went yesterday and ran into a couple friends along the way.

You could spin the wheel for a prize at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art's tent.

I won a t-shirt!

We ran into some of our friends in the children's activity area.

Henry wasn't sure what to make of the giant animals at first so he just ignored them.

But once he got out of the stroller, he decided that he loved the lion.

My friend Isidoro met up with us :)

After a while, Henry wanted to get back out and walk around. 

And then he asked to be picked up almost immediately after, which was adorable.

If you went this year, what interested you the most? I really loved the wooden sculptures that I have a picture of up there, and I liked all the booths that the museums and performance organizations had.

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