Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 KC Chalk & Walk Festival (Event Pics)

This past weekend was so freaking hot! I can't believe I got my drawing done, especially since I worked really slow the first day cause my last surviving grandparent had died the night before. And then I didn't have as much help as I usually do from Matt because on Sunday he got so sick from the heat that he started throwing up and had to go home. But I finished regardless and I think it looked pretty good!

 From left to right: Nicole, Amy, Beth, Me, Natalie. We all did images from Studio Ghibli films.

 Amy chose an image from Ponyo.

 Nicole drew an image from Spirited Away.

 Beth chalked something from My Neighbor Totoro.

 I chose Princess Mononoke.

 Natalie drew an image from Howl's Moving Castle.

Amy's finished drawing!

 Nicole's finished product!

 Beth's nearly-finished drawing.

 My finished drawing!

 Natalie's finished drawing.

My sister watched Henry both days and he came by for a visit Sunday.
He liked running around in Crown Center more than being outside though.
 Me & my friend Amy - who I first met at the KC Chalk & Walk many years ago.

 Amy and her team's nearly-finished drawing.

Thanks to everyone who braved the heat to come out and see us create!

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