Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Save the Date for the 2013 KC Chalk & Walk Festival

Sorry I forgot to post last Thursday! Matt, Henry and I were all sick so I was more than a bit distracted. But we're feeling better now, just dealing with some sore throats still. By the way, Henry sounds adorable talking baby talk with a little hoarse voice, OMG!

Yesterday I turned in my artist application for this year's KC Chalk & Walk Festival at Crown Center, which will be September 7-8. The crew I've been working with and I will all be drawing stills from Hayao Miyazaki movies as part of the "Around the World" festival theme. Natalie and I will be partnering to draw this image from Princess Mononoke in an 8 x 10 foot rectangle:

Save the date on your calendars now!!! You won't want to miss this :)

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Unknown said...

Dates are actually Sept. 7 & 8. That would be the Saturday and Sunday. They have it wrong on the front page of the website, but correct if you click on the About tab. I sent them an email.

May said...

Okie dokie! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I will do my best to try and show up when you're there for this and we can finally meet. Been playing event tag for sometime and never seem to be in the same places at the same time.

May said...

I'm always at this event for several hours each day, so hopefully :)

Rik no Orkut said...