Thursday, February 14, 2013

Painting Music for My Mom

A couple years ago, I gave my mother a painting I made for her birthday (which happens to be Valentine's Day):

She's musically inclined and I enjoyed listening to her play the cello when I lived at home. She also played the piano, clarinet, flute and other instruments. She went to college to be a music teacher and taught for a long time in schools and giving private lessons. Her instrument of choice in high school and college was the clarinet, so she asked me to make a companion painting to "Cello Music."

So I made "Clarinet Music" and just finished it in time to give her for her birthday. Matt gave me the inspiration for how clarinet music "looks." The cello is one of my favorite instruments, so I had spent a lot of time imagining the way its sound looked.. Not so much with the clarinet. But Matt also used to play the clarinet, and he said that its sound is like thin ribbons of sound that weave through the tapestry of the orchestra. The staggered arrangement of the clarinet was Mom's idea. I'm quite happy with how it turned out:

Music is fun to paint :)

Oh, and that reminds me. You have til the end of this month to see my mixed media Steampunk piece over at the Teahouse and Coffeepot. Leave me a comment if/when you see it!

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