Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colfax's Grand Re-Opening (Event Pics)

My friend Darcy and I went to the grand reopening of local shop, Colfax (aka Market Femme), located in Westport. In addition to select clothing, Colfax also carries gorgeous tights, hats, bags, and a whole slew of jewelry by local artists and brands, such as Scarlett Garnet, which used to be housed in the Crossroads District. There was a great turn-out, tasty snacks and beverages, and I even ran into Jubilani Leffall, who interviewed me twice on Central Standard. (Please excuse the picture quality; I was using my phone).

Our greeter! :)

Jubilani Leffall

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1 comment:

Nancy Wilson said...

I so wanted to go tonight but no way could I get away from work in time to make it there before 7. Wish it would have lasted a little longer. A must do for the weekend I hope. Hope you all had fun.