Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sneak Peek: Steampunk Art Exhibit (Opens 1/12/13)

Matt, Henry and I just got back from dropping off my mixed media piece at The Teahouse and Coffeepot (4309 Jefferson), where pictures and more were being hung. From what I saw, the exhibit is going to be EPIC and you do not want to miss the opening reception/dress-up party. It's this Saturday (1/12/13) from 3 - 7 PM. I'll probably get there around 4:30 if you want to say 'hi.'

Now, as promised, here's your sneak peek:

That's the organizer putting up the info card by my piece.


Anonymous said...

May, if you read TKC on a regular basis, you wouldn't let this hater (Dave, who isn't Super) post on your blog. Because I support equal rights for gays, he constantly makes crude homophobic remarks about what he wants to pretend is my sexual orientation. In other words, he's a gay-basher. He posted a comment that you had a nice little blog until I f***ed it up. This man is an evil hater.

May said...

I'm sorry to hear he's caused problems for you. However, my policy is to allow comments unless they are bullying or spam. Since he hasn't done either on my blog, I don't feel I should censor his comments.

Nancy Wilson said...

I am sure I know who this David is and he is no way as this Byron is trying to make you believe he is. I went to this TKC and saw where a lot of people don't care for this Byron. But anyway like your stuff met you at in the Crossroads area this past summer when you was doing your sidewalk art show. Cool stuff no doubt. Hope to see you soon again.

May said...

Thanks, Nancy. :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy, they don't care for me? Read their comments, they're all homophobic. They hate on me because I'm a liberal.

I'm tired of this fight. I've supported May for several years, but now I'm out of here.

May said...

I'm not sure how a fight on another blog affects your reading this one. Sorry to hear that you're "out of here." I've appreciated your support.