Thursday, January 3, 2013

Henry's First Christmas - Part 2

Every year, my side of the family has our big Christmas get-together belatedly on New Year's Day since half of us are married and do other stuff with our spouse's families (tho 2 of my brothers and my parents came over for Christmas dinner at our place this year). It was nice, despite my missing my little sis in China and my deceased grandpa and uncle. It was especially cute seeing Henry's cousins interact with him now that he's gotten more aware and playful.

 Day 267 of 365 Days with Henry



Superdave said...

So awesome you are taking so many pictures that Henry will be able to look at 20 yeras from now and enjoy.

May said...

I think part of my grieving process has been to take a ridiculous amount of pictures... I keep thinking about how we almost didn't get the picture with all of us (including my now-dead grandpa and uncle) last year and how sad I'd be if we didn't have it.

But, yes, hopefully Henry will like looking at them when he's older :)

Superdave said...

Oh you are so right I same as have no pictures of my family. Just something we didn't do for what ever reason.I have maybe a couple dozen pictures of me as a child.