Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Evolution of An Idea" Opens Tomorrow @ Kiosk Gallery

My friend Amy, whose art you've seen sporadically throughout my blog, is having her first ever solo exhibit! "Amy DeSitter - The Evolution of an Idea" show's "Amy's most recent paintings are inspired by photos she took with a microscope accessory for her iPhone, then translated into colorful abstract circles in paint, ink, and pencil," according to the Kiosk Gallery (3951 Broadway). That's where you can see her work and say hello tomorrow, January 18, from 6-9 PM.

The only picture I have of her new work is one I took with a mixed media piece of mine (on the right) at another recent Kiosk Gallery show:

I'm very much looking forward to see what Amy has up now! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank You May

Glad you post the info for these shows or I and some friends would not always know about them.

May said...

You're welcome :)