Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Event Pics: Steampunk Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Yes, I'm posting late again. "Snuggling" with Matt and then falling asleep seemed way more important than blogging last night.

But TODAY you get to see pictures from the Steampunk Art Exhibit opening reception! I enjoyed meeting the other artists and seeing everyone's fabulous get-ups. Wish I could've stayed longer, but Henry refused to nap that afternoon and we had to take his cranky lil butt home to sleep.

Jenna Tomlin, artist/model and curator of the exhibit

See more pictures (including a really cute one of Henry and I) at Jenna Tomblin's blog (she curated the exhibit). The exhibit is up through the end of February at the Teahouse and Coffeepot so be sure to stop by and let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Picture #6 is very cool looking I like that. I know it isn't yours and yes you stuff is cool as well but well I'm a guy who is into mechanical things sorry.

Might need to go scope this place out.

dixiebelle said...

Very Cool!!!

Nancy Wilson said...

When are you going to be at the Teahouse again?

May said...

Thanks, all.

Nancy, I don't have specific plans to go back anytime soon. But I'd be willing to meet ya :)