Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Henry Has a Room

I'm all tired from putting Henry's room together. We had it painted blue yesterday (not a gender thing, just my preferred soothing color) and this morning I started carrying all his furniture down from our bedroom. Except for his crib. That was in the basement. I pulled it out through the garage and was pulling it up the front yard hill, when a really nice road crew member (they're pulling up part of the street for... something) told me to "Hold on!" and helped me carry it inside. I still need to get curtains and to paint the dresser. (I have the paint, I just didn't have the energy to apply it today). But, it's mostly done and Henry LOVES having his own room. He was very happily rolling around and playing. The cutest! ^__^

 Yup, he's sitting up all by himself!

My little sister who lives in China gave us the elephant lamp,
and my Grandma Peggy (who died when I was 11) painted the bear.

My sister-in-law made this for Henry!

My mom gave me the giraffe. It's got a measuring tape sewn into the side to measure his height.
She says it's from when we were kids, but I don't remember it...

I made this while I was preggers.

That dresser will look so much better when it is green!

My mother-in-law donated this. It used to hang in her office (she's a pediatric nurse).

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Superdave said...

Ok story about the cat.

It looks so cool.

Henry is cute as well and his bedroom is very dude looking.