Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The House That Grandpa Built

Yesterday was emotionally trying for me. We went to visit my grandmother in Chillicothe, MO, stopping on the way to her house at my grandfather's grave, still a large pile of dirt beneath his tombstone that does not yet to have his date of death carved into it. My grandma is going to sell the house that my grandpa built when my father was a child, and move into a duplex. I kept walking around the house, remembering all the many overnight visits and day trips we took to visit them, the movies we watched, the games we played and the stories they told of their adventures around the world. Knowing I'll never go there again makes my heart hurt.

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Superdave said...

You should buy the place, be a wonderful place for Henry to grow up in as well as keeping it in the family.

May said...

You're the second person to suggest that to me, but I have no interest in moving out of Kansas City into a teeny tiny town 2 hours away.

Trevor said...

Excellent and emotion-filled post. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Byron said...

I agree with Dave on this one. I don't see how Kansas City (or any city) can be a good place to raise a child. I don't see the cities becoming more civilized in the future, but rather less. I think small towns are best for raising children. If I had grown up in a city, I probably would not have survived my childhood.

May said...

I was raised in Kansas City and loved it.