Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yours, Mine and Ours

Henry has my red hair but Matt’s hairline, Matt’s bright blue eyes and his exact ears , my round cheeks and strong chin, Matt’s tiny nipples, my muscular back, a miniature version of Matt’s bottom, and my long finger-like toes.
He loves to smile, play peek-a-boo, be outside in his stroller, wrap or riding in a car. He plays with rattles, ribbon, burp cloths and his own hands. He listens intently when read to, falls asleep to classical music, and quiets down when fussy to silly songs. He holds up his head and shoulders, licks sometimes when kissed or held with his mouth against a hand our arm.
Amazing how someone so small can change your whole world.

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judyette said...

this is the most adorable picture of him yet, though they are all adorable. he looks just like his dad.