Thursday, July 5, 2012

All-Star Chalk Drawing Today & Tomorrow

For the third time ever, Kansas City is hosting to the MLB All-Star Game (7/10/12). I haven't been a fan of baseball since George Brett played for the Royals, but I do like making chalk drawings, so I'll be part of a team of local artists creating baseball-themed drawings in the Crossroads on 19th between Baltimore and Wyandotte. We'll be drawing these today and tomorrow from 10 AM -5 PM in preparation for the Crossroads block party - one of the many many events KC is putting on as part of All-Star week. (You can see a list of events here.)

I'll be using this photograph as my drawing guide:

Should be fun!

If you're in the Crossroads during the next couple days, or if you make it to the block party Friday, 5-11 PM be sure to check out the art!

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