Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Henry's Busy Weekend

Day 48 of 365 Days with Henry

Henry had a big weekend! He slept over at Nana Cindy's Saturday night. Sunday morning he was blessed with other babies and children at the Rime Buddhist Temple. In the evening he heard the KC Symphony and saw fireworks for the first time at the Celebration at Union Station.

Day 49 of 365 Days with Henry 

Monday he went with me, his uncle Curtis, and his grandparents to visit his great-grandparents in Chillicothe. In the evening, he even went to the free screening of The Right to Love with us (though he got fussy so we left early).

You can follow our continuing adventures on my Flickr stream as my 365 Days with Henry project unfolds.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

May, I signed up for your email alerts, but are these sent automatically or do you have to send them? If you have to send them, then I don't want to give you more work.

May said...

No worries, they are automatic! :-)