Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Screening of THE RIGHT TO LOVE

Image via Bryan Leffew

The Kansas City Gay and Lesbian Film Festival always partners with KC Gay Pride to offer a free screening during Pride week. This year, we're showing The Right To Love: An American Family, May 28, 7 PM at the Tivoli Cinemas in Westport. 

I'll be there after getting back in town from visiting my grandparents in Chillicothe. I'm gonna go introduce them to Henry. :)

The KC Gay and Lesbian Film Fest website describes The Right to Love this way:
Even as our President evolves his thinking, the power of right-wing media, religion and influential anti-gay organizations continues to be keep the civil rights of marriage out of reach for many LGBT citizens. 
The Right to Love chronicles an amazing story of courage born out of the highly publicized and controversial Prop 8 2008 election results in California. 
 The Leffews — a Californian married gay couple and their two adopted children — fought back against discrimination, ignorance and hate through home videos posted on their YouTube channel and website, Gay Family Values. As they pursue their American Dream, the opposing political, social and religious opinions that pervade society attempt to strip it from them.

You can check out the Leffews' YouTube group: Gay Family Values to find out more about them.

Also, at the screening we'll be handing out the schedule for this year's festival!

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