Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bread For All Bakery & Cafe [Guest Post]

Matt asked to write today's post, because he really enjoyed the new place we tried for dinner the other night. Check it out...

Just north Westport Road across from World Market in Westport stands a strip of properties that are mostly vacant. Just north of what used to be Chili's is what used to be a Sprint store, what used to be a sandwich shop that used to be a pita wrap shop, what used to be... I don't even remember, it's been vacant for so long, then there's a barber shop and the always-excellent El Rancho Mexican restaurant.

Thankfully, a new Mediterranean lunch restaurant recently opened in the place that used to be Ike's Deli. It's called Bread for All Bakery and Cafe, owned by Stan Yoder, featuring bread baked by Foad Salih. It's a Mediterranean restaurant, serving tasty gyro and shawarma. Instead of pita bread, however, they serve everything on fresh-baked naan, an Indian flatbread traditionally baked in a Tandoor oven.

The bread is the star of the show, of course - the naan is baked fresh daily, and sold wrapped up four to a package. It's soft, chewy, fragrant and delicious, tasty with both sweet toppings or savory fillings. At the small restaurant, they serve them as their sandwich wraps. The lunch fare is typical Middle Eastern restaurant fare, but well-made and served with fresh toppings. There's gyro, shawarma (they spell it 'sharwama' - I love transliteration variations!), kifta, and falafel, as well as chicken kabob.Their tzatziki is a little on the thin side, but other than that, the food is top-notch and delicious, as well as quickly-prepared.

All the sandwiches are the same price ($7) and are pretty big for that price. For $2.50 more you can get salad, lentil soup, grape-leaf dolma, hummus, or French fries.

I'm so happy to have another Middle Eastern/Mediterranean option in close walking distance. I fully recommend you try this restaurant. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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