Thursday, April 26, 2012

Come See Me at the Historic Northeast Chalk Walk this Weekend!

I'm going to be part of a team drawing at the Chalk Walk in the Historic Northeast this weekend. You should come out to this very fun, family-friendly event and say hello, draw a picture, and see the lovely drawings others make. I wasn't able to do this event last year so I'm extra excited that everything worked out with having Henry early so that I could be part of it.

Here's the picture I drew at the event two years ago:

Not my best chalk drawing, but it's fairly cute.

Anyway... hope to see you this weekend!

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Super Dave said...

I know every picture has a meaning so could you explain what your thoughts and feelings were as you was doing this drawing.

May said...

This was a meditation on the idea of the World Tree (Yggdrasil). I also wrote a poem about it:

Tree of Life
We are all so closely connected,
down in the dark where few can see.
Our roots run deep,
intertwined like arteries to veins. All vessels
move life along, reaching toward the future,
sunk in the past.

Long ago, a tree grew in space,
calling the world to itself,
catching comets to crumble to loam,
exhaling the atmosphere from mighty stomata,
weaving the world together in its roots and branches.
It sprouted the animals and all of us like over ripe fruit
each one to take a place in earth, air, or
water (poured down by the Seven Sisters.)

We still hold in our memory,
twining at the base of our skulls,
the feeling of being truly rooted.

Super Dave said...

Awesome I like it.

judyette said...

love love Love your poem!!!!!
especially the pleiades reference.
i painted a sync-illy similar picture on the side of a dresser a few years ago, entangled in the roots of the tree were alien faces :)

May said...

Thanks, Dave! :)

Judyette - that's awesome!