Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Visit to Lawrence (Photo Blog)

I am pooped! I went to Lawrence, Kansas* with Matt & my brother Curtis today & spent most of it walking about doing stuff.

First, we went to the Spencer Museum of Art on the KU campus.

We enjoyed this awesome sound-producing sculpture by Harry Bertoia which Matt took some video of:

Then, I found a Buddha to meditate with.

It was awesome to see a woodblock of Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" in person. I noticed details about it that I'd never seen before, like how Mt. Fuji is in the background and there are 2 boats in the water! I feel like I never actually saw the image before.

Then we did a bit of shopping. I found an adorable blue owl nightlight at a thrift store (which I purchased)...

...and a creepy elf doll at an antique mall (which I did not).

We ate lunch at The Burger Stand, including poutine fries, which I'd never had before. They were tasty!

It's always fun to see the random interesting things Lawrence has to offer. (One of the things I didn't get a picture of was 2 blondes walking around pretending to be Barbies - for realz. It freaked me out.)

Then we stopped in to visit my oldest bro & his family and I played a bit of battleship with my little nephew.

And now I'm totally worn out, so I'll put off writing my museum post for Arts America til another day. Look for the link later on :)

*N.B. This is across the state line, those of you who mistakenly think I live in Kansas. Kansas City, Missouri is where I live.

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Donna said...

I'm still a Christian, but I have ALWAYS loved the Buddha. (Don't tell anybody, OK?)

Super Dave said...

Ok Donna it's our secret.

I went to KU long time ago and Lawrence has always had some interesting things to do and see. I do miss those days back in the 70's when life was easier and more fun.