Thursday, March 29, 2012

May's Getting Married

Modeling my tiny wedding top hat

Matt and I have been unofficially engaged to one another ever since we got serious about each other nearly 5 years ago now. With the understanding that we'd get married as soon as possible. But we were blocked by my previous marriage, which for one annoying reason or another, I was unable to obtain a divorce for. When we found out we were pregnant, Matt's mom offered to pay for my divorce (lack of money being the deterring factor at the time), but I found out then that Missouri state law doesn't allow pregnant women to file for divorce. I was bummed and pissed about that, and about how state law also requires that a woman's legal husband be put on the birth certificate as the father, even if he's not. Did not want that to happen!

But the Universe smiled upon me, and my ex, who now lives in Montana, was able to obtain a divorce that just went through on the 20th. So we side-stepped the stupid Missouri laws and the mess of cleaning up the baby's birth certificate and what not AND I didn't have to deal with any legal stuff except for signing a paper. WIN!

Now I'm excited to be able to say that Matt & I are tying the knot this Saturday! You can expect to see pics Tuesday :)

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Super Dave said...

Well congratulations to and Matt

stefany said...

"Missouri state law doesn't allow pregnant women to file for divorce"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, May & Matt! I will be thinking of you "Come Saturday Morning".

I know something of where you come from & what you've gone through ... Shit, I'm crying.

May said...

Thanks, Super Dave :)

stefany - I know right!?!? SO MESSED UP!

Byron - Awww :) Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Asshole at 6:28 PM

What are your qualifications for presuming to order the universe? Its amazing how people justify & pride themselves on how cleverly hateful they are. Freedom means doing exactly what you think she shouldn't be doing. But, you're not interested in freedom are you? No, you're another wannabe philosopher king. I don't think hate speech should be tolerated. I think it should be deleted.

May, when you take out the garbage, delete this one, too, so no one will know that this place was defiled with self-righteous hatred.