Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Rag: Get Paid for Poems & Short Fiction

Image via The Rag

I was super excited to find an epublication, The Rag, that actually pays writers for the submissions it publishes. This is a rare find in the literary world, so I wanted to pass the information along!

This is from the e-mail they sent in response to my inquiry:
Our magazine is called The Rag, and we specialize in the publication of contemporary short fiction and poetry. The Rag is an electronic publication, but unlike online literary magazines we target the e-reader markets exclusively, rather than publishing content on the web (i.e. we offer ePub and PDF files for download to any e-reading device or app, and we also publish through Kindle and Nook). The overall goal of our publication is to create a sustainable magazine that can afford to pay its writers, while also producing a competitive product in the literary marketplace.

So, how much do we pay? For our next issue we are paying between $150-200 for short fiction (word limits: 10k) and between $30-50 for poetry and flash fiction (word limits: 1,500 or less).

The Rag's primary target audience is the Contemporary Fiction reader, and those who enjoy subtle, Transgressive themes and styles... Also, if you're concerned with the potential exposure your work will receive (as you should be), we're happy to report that our reader base is rapidly growing. We've been on the market for a very short time, and already we're receiving about 3 subscriptions per day, plus individual Amazon Kindle/B&N Nook sales, so our reader base is currently in the hundreds and we expect to be in the thousands before the end of our first year.

Best of luck!


judyette said...

wow! thanks for sharing this. i'm excited to find out about it, will definitely check it out :)

judyette said...

i have to leave another comment after checking this out. it's an Awesome site!!! they give you a generous sampling of their wares to read, then if you want to purchase a whole edition, its only 2.99, wild!