Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vulcan's Forge, Your Local Sterling Jewelers

I was hired for seasonal help at Vulcan's Forge, a locally-owned & operated jewelry shop that emphasizes sterling silver and gemstones, offers repairs and incredible custom work. I just found out that they're keeping me on for a while longer and am very happy about it!

I really enjoy the employees and customers that I interact with, AND I get to model super pretty jewelry while I'm there! (That's what all these pictures are about).

I have to admit, I've already sold myself 4 rings while I've been there - and had my little brother buy me yet another one for Xmas. But soon I'll have run out of fingers to put them on, so that's a problem that will take care of itself.

It's really been intriguing to see what the jewelers, or "the magicians in the back" as we call them, can create (and alter.) Check out the Vulcan's Forge website for images of some of their custom work. Theirs also several photo albums full of more pictures at the store, as well as a couple cases of custom pieces that weren't immediately taken home by someone.

Vulcan's Forge is located on Broadway Road between 39th and Westport. If you stop by to see me and mention this post, you'll get a free pair of $3 sterling silver earrings with purchase. Free is neat, right?

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Terri said...

Free earrings? Perhaps we'll find ourselves in that neck of the woods come Saturday!

May said...

Spiffy! :)

Fate said...

Fin and I both got our wedding bands custom made there. Can't recommend them enough. :)