Thursday, December 1, 2011

May's Scent Mixology

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I love my dresser. Not only does it give my clothes a home, but the shelves along the sides of the mirror also allow space for me to store the ridiculous amount of accessories I have.

The lower right section is what I think of as my "mixing station" because it's where I keep the many scents I combine in various ways to make my own personal scent (though it's also where I stow my rings).

From left to right:
Lavender oil
Lotus Blossom oil
Rose water
Gardenia oil (front)
Orange Blossom water (in the tall perfume dauber)

All the scents mix well together, and I enjoy the many combinations I can create from them. I most often use the floral scents, layering them together and occasionally adding a dab or two of the perfumes if I'm feeling it.

What's your personal scent?

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