Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby's First Xmas (Sort of)

Images from baby's last ultrasound

I was happily surprised by the friends & family who gave me Xmas gifts for the baby, though he's not here quite yet to enjoy them.

He received an Ugly Doll,

a teddy bear,

a set of embroidered burp cloths,

an embroidered hoodie towel,

and a knitted blanket

with matching set of booties, hat and a sweater (not pictured cause my aunt still has to put the buttons on it so she kept it).

Now I just need to get the closet I've assigned for baby stuff cleaned out, so I can start putting his stuff away! Right now it's full of art and other random bits & bobs....

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judyette said...

love the hooded towel with the rocket ship. may your child be a space pilot and play with stars :)

May said...

Thanks judyette! :)

NoOceanInKansas said...

Merry first Christmas, little baby!!

Anonymous said...

Wow he got more presents than I did.