Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Should Watch: Misfits

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I just watched the first episode of Misfit's 3rd season and it was quite surprising! The writers sure know how to keep an audience on their toes!

Misfits is a British sci-fi dramedy about five young people who are doing community service when a strange electrical storm gives them a variety of supernatural powers. Nathan is immortal (or at least comes back to life when killed), Alishia makes anyone who touches her turn into a sex-crazed maniac, Simon can turn invisible, Curtis can time-travel, and Kelly can hear other people's thoughts.

The group initially bonds, despite their many differences, through having to kill their social worker, who, having also been effected by the lightening storm, turns into a murderous angry sociopath. This shared secret as well as the community service keeps them, for better or worse, in each other's lives, and gradually makes them friends. Eventually we discover that there are more people with powers than just the 5 friends, which alters their reality in more ways than I'm going to tell you.

Misfits is, in my opinion, a far more down-to-Earth & gritty imagining of people with super-powers than Heroes was, and the writing is sharper and more surprising. Plus, since it's a British show, there's the added advantage of adorable (if sometimes difficult-to-follow) accents.

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Plus, Nathan is the most adorkable "super hero" EVAR! He is full of total bullshit & talks non-stop, but it is so freaking adorable to watch him babble. He is doing community service for stealing candy from a supermarket and is the most immature one of the group. He sucks at taking care of himself. For instance, he starts squatting in a community center when his mother kicks him out of the house instead of finding a regular place to live. Unfortunately, he's not in season 3 (he got a web special explaining why), but I'm way too invested in the story to stop watching. Though I'm not very interested in the new guy in the group. He's just a twat without any cuteness to make him interesting.

They're making a US version of Misfits and Matt & I can't help thinking that it will totally not be able to compare to the British version, simply because the actor who plays Nathan is so stellar in his performances that we can't imagine another actor doing it better or as well. Plus, no cute British accents. Matt's still excited to see what they do with it tho.

You can watch the Misfits seasons 1 and 2 on Hulu, though they don't have the Christmas special on there, which is pretty important to the plot of season 3.

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1 comment:

Fate said...

Given the history of British->US conversions, it's likely to be horrible.

"The Office" did well, but does anyone remember the US version of "Coupling"?