Thursday, November 10, 2011

Style Inspiration: Fashion Bloggers

I've been following several inspiring fashion blogs & thought I'd share my favorites today. (The funniest part is that these bloggers keep featuring each other. The most surprising one so far? Susie Bubble's feature on Tokyo Fashion. Read on to find out who they are...).

This 16 year-old fashionista designs her own clothes and is so freaking weird and talented that I'm slightly obsessed with her.

While this blog occasionally posts fashion news, most of its posts are shots of street fashion that just make my heart happy. And really makes me want to visit Tokyo, as well...

Solanah wears vintage clothing exclusively, and it's so interesting to see... She's like a slightly less glamorous Dita Von Teese.

This blog is dedicated to the glamorously dressed elderly women in New York that photographer Ari Seth Cohan meets there. He likes to share their style as well as their life philosophies.

This adorable British red-headed lesbian wears the weirdest things and totally makes them work.

I'll admit, I often skip through the wordy bits in Londoner & full-time blogger Susie Bubble's posts, but she has an interesting sense of personal style and far more knowledge about fashion than I ever will.

This is the blog of an energetic New York stylist who designs clothing and jewelry and likes ridiculously colorful outfits. She also seems to know/meet a shit ton of fabulous people.

This small town teen creates adorable girly looks and posts loads of inspiration pictures that intrigue me.

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