Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Which We Find Pinky a New Home

We recently decided to find a new home for Pinky, our second oldest cat. He was kinda dumb and stubborn as hell, but sweet, if annoying. He and I didn't get along great, but he LOVED Matt and adored sleeping in his lap. He started having dominance issues when my little bro and his 2 cats lived with us temporarily (6 cats in a smallish apartment was hellish BTW) and he's been acting out by pooping & peeing outside the litter box ever since.

With me being pregnant, that was presenting a health hazard to me & the baby, and we didn't think Pinky would be happy competing with yet another small life form in the apartment when the baby's born - though he was always pretty sweet to the other cats. He was always cuddling them, but he was obviously upset at not being able to go outside as often as he wanted (we only take them on occasional "walks") and wanted to be in his own space.

So we found a home for him at a farm 45 minutes away, where there's 3 barns, 2 other cats, and an elderly couple who wanted a cuddly cat. They picked him up this past weekend, which we had mixed feelings about. We know he'll love being outside and having tons of space (He already set himself up in the best cat shelter, kicking the other cats out as soon as he arrived), and we know it's less stress (for me especially), but we can't help missing him and feeling there's suddenly a lot more space in the apartment than there used to be.

Here's a brief pictoral history of our time with Pinky, whom we adopted as a kitten from one of my ex-coworkers.

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NoOceanInKansas said...

Love Pinky!! Glad he found a new home. He's a beautiful cat! I am a cat person too. I have a Siamese named Stink and a crazy snowshoe named Jinx.

May said...

Awww! What cute names! Your kitties sound adorable :)