Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Should Watch: Coffee Prince

Can you pick Eun Chan out from her co-workers?
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Matt's sister Melissa got me into a Korean TV show called Coffee Prince. It originally aired in 2007 but I just saw it this year. Apparently it's a trope of Korean drama to 'highlight a particular profession, whether it be a shoe designer, model, doctor or lawyer. Coffee Prince highlights the life of a barista-to-be and the café of handsome men at which she works.'

Eun Chan is a young twenty-something Korean woman working to support her shopaholic mother and her sister. Eun Chan is hired by the very rich Choi Han Gyul who mistakes her for a man, and pays her to act as his boyfriend to break up a series of blind dates his grandmother has set up for him. Once Han Gyul is given a coffee shop to run, he hires Eun Chan on there.

The cousin & his girlfriend, Eun Chan & Han Gyul -
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The main drama of the story comes from Han Gyul mistaking Eun Chan's gender and feeling incredibly confused by what he mistakes for a gay crush. Meanwhile, Han Gyul's cousin and his girlfriend (whom Han Gyul has crushed on for 9 years) get back together, despite several drawbacks.

The main humor of the story comes from the hilarious and adorable character, Eun Chan. She is short, strong and fairly androgynous, often mistaken for a boy. She works several jobs and is always hungry. She eats like the Gilmore Girls x 10, shoving food in her mouth like you would not believe possible for a human being.

This is a quirky, silly and totally engrossing show! I watched all 17 episodes in just 2 sittings because I just couldn't pull myself away.

Best of all, you can watch every single episode of Coffee Prince for free either through Hulu or through CrunchyRoll. If you do watch it, let me know what you think!

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Joe Pontillo said...

Just watched the first episode. Good recommendation! I need to find the time to watch the rest.

May said...

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it :)