Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starry Night!

My second performance art idea was lots of fun & a group effort. Gabi & Isidoro painted me...

Matt helped me make my star handouts & I even re-used Isidoro's mask from last time as part of my starry crown.

As you can see in the picture above, we even painted my legs!

Isidoro, Matt, me & Gabi

I'm was so glad for all their help! It turned out to be so much fun. Lots of people just exploded with smiles when they saw me - especially kids - and I had a ton of fun delighting people, posing for photos, and asking people if they wanted a star.

I passed out my 150 stars (which I carried in the basket you can see above) in less than 2 hours! I was really happy about that, since one hour into it, I felt like they were going really slowly. Then all of a sudden, I only had 3 stars left, and I held on to them til I found 3 little girls selling chocolate bars & gave them the last ones. They were excited to get them and I was excited to have fulfilled my mission for the evening.

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