Thursday, October 13, 2011

May's Got a Secret

Forcing myself to keep my mouth shut.

OMG y'all, I have been keeping a lid on the HUGEST secret for quite some time now and I feel like I'm about to burst! It's been really hard for me not to blog, tweet & FB all about this, but HOPEFULLY my time of secrecy is coming to an end. I hope to be able to share my AWESOME NEWS by next week.

Until then, I'll just have to keep forcing myself to clam up when what I really want is to shout it from the fricken rooftops!

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Rae said...

LOL!!! **grin** What time are you going to be by here this weekend?

Anonymous said...

May, are you pregnant?

May said...

Rae - I'm going to be on Lawrence all day, but I probably won't be able to stop by your place til 5 or so. Hope that's not too late!

Byron - Dude, I'm not telling anything yet. No hints! No answers to guesses!