Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Mad Tea Party

Oh my god! Last night was the BEST party I've ever thrown in Kansas City. I'm so glad so many of my friends came out to celebrate with me!

As promised, here's some costume pics. There were some very interesting interpretations of Wonderland style. :)
Alice (me) & the Chesire Cat
(pic by my friend Amy)

Giving the costume contest prize to the Queen of Hearts
(pic by my friend Amy)

White rabbits!

The mouse!

Queen of Hearts & Lady Hatter

Another Lady Hatter!

I forgot to ask Amy what her costume was,
but Sage was a Hipster Ninja

And it just so happened to be a perfect cool evening for drinking hot tea. And eating tons of delicious snacks. I even had a cake that said "Eat Me" on it!

AAAAAAAAND my Matt & our friend Matt recited the Jabberwocky poem for us. Here's the last bit of it:

It was a very good time.

how do you make a gif
Slurp! Slurp!

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