Thursday, August 11, 2011

"While I Was Young and Hot"

I was on Central Standard for the second time yesterday, so I expected the host, Jabulani, to remember me. So when I showed up and he started asking me a bunch of air quality questions, I was wondering... "WTF? Is he screwing with me?! What's going on here? Why does he care what I think about air quality?"

But then I remembered that Andrea, the producer of Central Standard, told me the person on before me would be talking about air quality. So I asked him if that's what he thought I was there to talk about. He said, "yeah, I only have one guest today." But then once I told him who I was he suddenly recognized me and, I guessed, remembered I would be on the show that day.

It was very silly.

I had to wait for the first 40 minutes of the show to be over before I was ushered into the room with all the vaguely intimidating microphones. Then I finally got to hear the audio montage that Andrea had made after recording at my 365 finale. It was so much fun hearing what everyone had to say about the project. :)

Then Jabulani jumped into asking me questions. I had no idea what he was going to ask beforehand, so it felt like flying by the seat of my pants. (He'd coached me a bit last time I was on, but I guess he didn't have time to do it on this occasion because of the mix-up). But I think I managed to answer coherently, so if you missed it, I hope you'll take a listen (cause if you don't, the title of this post won't make any sense):

Oh! And I also have to mention that local blogger @tips4tips bought me a Flickr Pro account, so now you can see ALL of my 365 self-portraits there!! Hooray! :D

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Anonymous said...

I heard the interview and I thought you did just fine. I wouldn't have discovered your blog without it!

May said...

Thanks Terri :)

Joe Pontillo said...

Great interview! I think you were more prepared than the host, but that's okay.

May said...

Thanks, Joe! That made me smile :)