Tuesday, August 2, 2011

365 Self-Portrait Project Wrap-Up

Day 365 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project
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Oh. my. god! The finale for my 365 project was so much fun! Lots of friends showed up to help (despite FB doing all it could to confuse ppl about what time we were meeting!) and Andrea from Central Standard came to record what everyone had to say. (By the way, my reappearance on the show has been bumped to a later date where they can spend more time on my story).
Day 3 of my 365 Self-Portrait project

It was incredible to think back to a year ago when Kris from The Yellow Brick Road Trip challenged me to start this project. Back then, I felt very shy in front of the camera and I had a difficult time posing if anyone tried watching me. I just felt so ridiculous!

Day 20 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

Eventually, though, I started warming up and poses and ideas started flowing more easily, until at the end of this project I was not only able to act ridiculous with an audience, but I had a bunch of friends posing with me!

Day 38 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

Knowing I'd be sharing my pictures with friends as well as strangers on the internets has dramatically shaped how I photographed myself. As I told a friend a while ago, if I had done this project purely for myself, I would have shot lots of pictures of myself in the nude, as well as close-ups on bruises, hairy armpits, and other unflattering pictures. It would have been a way to look at parts of myself that I couldn't easily see during the normal course of a day.

Day 42 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

But with the audience in mind, I wanted to put out the most fun and original collection of images I could imagine into existence. It led me to dress up more often and to be more playful about what I wore. I searched out any location I was in for prime photo ops, and tried to do something different every day.
Day 76 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

It was interesting to observe that the more I did this project, the more I genuinely appreciated myself for who I am and became more patient and accepting of others. I was surprised to observe that days where I felt the least creative and wouldn't have done anything artistic except I had to were some of the days that created the most evocative images in my entire project.

Day 173 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

I'll keep you up-to-date on the Central Standard show info as it progresses, and I hope to announce a gallery show for these images at a future date... that's something I'll be working on. (You can see many of my self-portraits on Flickr, but since I'm not a pro member, only 200 of them show up.)

Day 201 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this project, especially those who showed up for the last photo! You rock :)

Day 250 of my 365 Self-Portrait Project

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Anonymous said...

You Rock May! Congratulations on such a great accomplishment. You are so creative and took some amazing portraits over the course of the year. Thanks for letting me be part of the last day!