Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whimsical Recycled Necklaces

I made good on my threat promise off-hand remark to make some necklaces after Tuesday's inspiration, and re-used some random bits and bobs that I've collected or that have been given to me since people know I like to re-use and re-purpose things.

First, I made the biggest, craziest necklace I've ever created. I used part of my broken fairy wings, feathers from an earring that fell apart, pieces of random jewelry bits I'd been given, a ribbon and button I had, and the wooden pieces of a broken windchime that Matt brought me from his job.
(Click either image to see the full size)

To make this, I ripped apart my fairy wings, separating the top from the bottom. Then I bent the top wings toward each other until they met at the top. I hand sewed them together, then sewed the ribbon on top of that. Next, I used thread to wrap the white feather to the bottom of the wings (which looked ugly before it was covered), and tied the windchime pieces and jewelry bits to it. Then I sewed the feather to the button and both of them to the wing. Finally, I painted the silver accents on the leaves.

This one is so long that it hangs down to my belly button when I wear it! Come to this Saturday's Create Your Own Reality event if you want to see me wearing it IRL.

The second necklace I made was far less complex. For this one I used pieces of a different broken wind chime (also from Matt), another feather from the earring-that-was, a wooden bead, and finally, the plastic Jesus on a cross from a rosary my friend Ramses gave me.

This was very easy to make! All I did was tie the pieces of the wind chime together, adding the feather and the cross before I did. Then I finished it off by tying on the wooden bead to one end and making a loop for it to go into on the other.

(For those of you wondering why I put Jesus on my necklace when I'm openly not Christian - it's cause I think Jesus is awesome. Any man who is a gentle-spoken philosopher/revolutionary who hangs out with sex workers and other social pariahs is my idea of a good guy.)

I had so much fun making these that I think I might try to make some more this weekend, since I have both a Create Your Own Reality event (Saturday) and a KC Crafters Society event (Sunday) to go to! If you have a creative itch you've been wanting to scratch, then you should definitely make time to go to one or both of these!

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