Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help Me Complete My 365 Self-Portrait Project!

Day 348
Day 348 of my 365 self-portrait project

The response to my 365 self-portrait project continues to amaze me. It's wonderfully surprising to have people come up to me and gush about how they love it, how it's inspired them. It's heart-warming and occasionally tear-inducing and it made me want to end my project with an invitation to come take part in my last self-portrait!

My artsy friends and I have been putting out heads together for the past several weeks, trying to come up with an inter-active celebration of sorts for my 365th day of the project. We finally came up with an idea that I think will be SO MUCH FUN!

Day 339
Day 339 of my 365 self-portrait project

The idea is to create a zany sort of Where's Waldo? effect for my last self-portrait. I'm hoping to get 20-30 people to dress up in their favorite costume (or to cosplay like me - because that would crack me up) and to join me at Union Station on July 31st at 5 PM (so mark your calendar).

That day, I'll give y'all a brief overview, then we'll arrange the camera and participants and start shooting! In the finished photograph, I hope to be visible, but only after a brief search through the rest of the crowd!

What do you think? Would you like to join me in celebrating my final day of this project, creating a unique image, and being silly in public?

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Darcy said...

Can't wait! Sounds like a blast.

thefreebox said...

What a great idea, wow - 365 days goes quickly in some ways doesn't it? I admire your creativity and your commitment!

kcbeck said...

I like your dress May, in day 339 picture. Sounds like a cool project!

May said...

Thanks Darcy, Mary & kcbeck :)