Thursday, July 7, 2011

Collage Collaboration

My friend, artist & poet Bob Savino and I have been getting together occasionally for the past several months and making collages together.

It's been a new experience for both of us because Bob had never collaged before, and I had never done so with someone else.

The last time we got together (besides this morning), Bob pitched an idea to keep our collaboration going beyond the collages: he wanted us to write ekphrasis poems in response to the collages we've been making.

What's more, he wanted me to start. So, I started writing something in response to the collage we made together that day:

And after I was done, I sent my half to Bob and within a few days he had completed the poem and sent it back to me:


Face the mountain with a smile extend hennaed hands
to receive the lotus blooms that skeleton tarsals offer

Paradise dances on pollen dust and you sneeze
Not all sacred acts are serious

Between the mountain and the flower
electricity twines across the sky

like the web of some cosmic spider

like the web of some cosmic spider

my soul threads itself through everything I see
Mannequin faces staring beneath their stylish hats

lightning crackling from outstretched fingertips
hydras rollicking! the skeleton of an inhuman hand

I'll never stop taking the lotus wormhole to Paradise
Look all my tiny fish are swimming toward the light

I think it's pretty amazing what we came up with! I'll be interested to see how our collaboration continues to develop.

And speaking of collaborations, here's a video about an interesting plant-focused mixed-media/embroidery art project/documentary a local woman is doing. She needs help to complete it, so take a look:

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