Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Days of Fun

I have some fun, busy days in front of me!

Today I'm going to be on a panel (with Matt, my friend Izzy and I'm not sure who else) regarding LGBTQIA issues for a UMKC class. The topics we're going to cover are:
  • cultural shifts to acceptance
  • 'outing' in the work place
  • hidden sexism that exists as homophobia
  • 'gay' as the in joke
  • bullying/suicide issue
  • how bi-sexuals are viewed within the community
  • gender identity vs. sexual orientation
  • challenges that face gender non-conforming or transgender students
so it should be an interesting conversation.

Tomorrow I'll be playing hostess to Matt's teenage half-sisters (who I just met Tuesday), showing them around Westport. They're really sweet and smart so I'm looking forward to that.

Can you tell they're related?

Friday evening and Saturday, I'll also be helping out as ticket-taker for the Cathouse Cabaret (which I also did last weekend).

It's a playful, sexy show with Cathy Barnett emceeing and lots of audience participation.

Cathy Barnett

Everyone who walked out last weekend had only good things to say about the show. I think the dancing is fantastic, and there are a lot of fun, differently-styled numbers to enjoy.

You can buy tickets online or at the door (from me). The cabaret is in an old speak-easy above the Morning Glory Antique shop. It's such a fun space :)

Day 357 of my self-portrait project
was taken @ Morning Glory Antiques

Then, Sunday is the finale of my 365 self-portrait project! Remember, you're invited to dress up and come help me. The more people who show up at Union Station the more fun this will be to stage, so I hop you take some time out of your weekend to drop by!

But, if you do have to miss it, you can hear all about it Monday on KCUR's Central Standard with Jabulani Leffall. I'll be on sometime between 9:45-10:30am (they're not sure yet if they'll put me at the front or the end of the show).

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