Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steamy Summer Entertainment

Tuesday night's screening of Fishnet was AWESOME! It was a really fun movie and I enjoyed getting to know the director, Brian Pelletier, at the after-party where we had some burlesque dancers performing. I found out that he'd made the film in just TEN days, and was really impressed.

Matt & Brian

Hilariously, he and Matt look so similar they could have been long-lost brothers! Brian was kind enough to give me a DVD copy of the film, so those of you who know me and want to see it can borrow it sometime, if you like :)

Yesterday, I went with my little brother and some friends to the Shakespeare in the Park production of MacBeth. We were very warm, but by fanning myself the entire time, I managed to stay reasonably comfortable.

It wasn't the absolute best production of MacBeth I've ever seen, but it was well done, the costuming was great and the acting all believable (which can sometimes be hard given the odd characters Shakespeare often uses for comedic relief).

A blurry shot of the cast about to take a bow

If you haven't been out to see this yet, you have til the Sunday, the 3rd of July, to do so.

And TONIGHT is the OUT HERE NOW Short Film Competition for the KC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. I helped to curate this, which means I had almost final say on the films we're showing and I got to pick the order they're in. I'm excited to see them all together in one sitting, which I haven't yet, and I'm excited that we have such a diverse selection: documentaries, dramas and comedies that address bisexual, trans, gay and lesbian points of view. It's free, so come on out to the Tivoli tonight, enjoy the cool air conditioning and see something I've been working on! I hope to see you there!

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Xavier Onassis said...

The resemblance between Matt and Brian is mind-alteringly FREAKY!